Monday 24 March 2014

Content is King (or Queen) - Should be easy now that you know...Right?!

You will hear it everywhere, from all the top social media gurus. Content is King, Everyone needs, wants, and must have good, unique, original, top grade, content. I see and read posts about how this "content" will drive more traffic to your blog, and increase readers, and followers. People say write what you know or what you are passionate about, and focus on that. I know lots of things, and I am passionate about many things. I don't want to write about a single area, or topic. Am I doomed to be banished to the island of misfit bloggers? 

I agree with the "gurus" content is important, and I do not want to read posts that are a rehash of old stuff, or page after page of promotions and sales pitches. I want to read a post that gives me insight, teaches me something, makes me think about a subject in a different way, or think about it at all. I want to read something that makes me laugh, or cry, or surprises me, and ideally calls me to action in some way. I also want that content to look nice with graphics, pictures, font choices, and borders, all without being busy, or distracting. It is a pretty tall order. 

I am relatively new to blogging with no formal writing experience, or training in social media. I muddle along trying to get Blogger to do what I want it to do with varying degrees of success, depending on the given day. None the less, I want to give my readers all the things I want when reading a post. I want to write posts that make people smile, or think, or respond. Now that I know I need excellent content, and what I like to read, and what I want to write, it should be so easy..... NOT. 

I know what I like when I see it or read it, but I am not so clear on how to write it. I am passionate about, and know about many things, so I write about them, but that has a tendency to make my blog look busy and unfocused. I simply cannot help it, I am a multifaceted person, with a variety of life experiences. The lighter weight content threatens to bury the more important messages I have to share; but it can't be all work, otherwise Cathy will become a very dull blogger. My eye for design far outweighs my abilities to make that vision materialize on my blog. 

Then there are the questions that whirl around in my head like a merry-go-round, about citing images, quotes, posts, within posts. Not to mention what seems to be endless and ever changing rules that it not followed threaten my blog's very existence. I constantly worry about pressing publish only to find grammar and spelling mistakes. With all that who has time to write content, far less good content.  

On that note, without a proper transitioning sentence, I begin the conclusion to this light weight content piece. I always aim for well written posts that make the reader happy they took the minute or two to read it, and hopefully inspire them to read more my other posts. If my content is not "King" it is not for lack of trying. My writing, my blog, and myself are all a work in progress striving to be the very best we can be. I like to think of my blog as heir to the throne.

Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about content.


  1. I hate the word guru. I prefer maven.
    And on a more serious note...I feel like your blog is your blog. Do as you like, when you like for who like, because you like it. You can quote me on that.

  2. Love this post Cathy! It is a much harder job blogging then I ever believed possible. I think your blog fits you perfectly and never worry about anything else. Your posts are fun and informative and I always love seeing a new post pop up from you! Take care and talk soon :)

  3. Cathy you are naturally gifted!! Your blog posts are amazing! I am like you and don't know much about writing either. Like you I'm muddling through not knowing what I am doing. I find I am most successful when I write from the heart, write about what I know and what I experience! Keep up the good work!

  4. We are ALL a work in progress. Always remember why your started blogging and keep it fun, people get caught up in all the technical details far too often

  5. Cathy, I think you're a talented writer and I enjoy reading your posts. I find you are engaging and have interesting things to say or ask. Your blog is an extension of your 'self'. Whatever you want to write...write!

  6. I hear what you are saying girl, it's hard sometimes. Just keep at it and always BE YOU!

  7. I agree with Kate, we are all a work in progress. Every blogger has something to improve on. I think it's important to have your own voice and continue from there.