Saturday 8 March 2014

Use 3-Carton Juice Box to #Recycle Into Hanging File Holders #GreenIdeas #BeingGreen

The boxes 3-pack cartons of  juice and soy milk come in hold hanging file folders perfectly, and can be instantly recycled into free document and paper organizers.  

Do you ever buy juice or soy milk in a box of 3 cartons? 

Turns out the boxes they come in are the perfect size to hold hanging file folders, and to sort and store all sorts of papers. 

You can clip several together using binder clips to make them into a whole filing system. 

Here are a few ideas on how I have used them:

  • I put the whole box into a tote bag and bring it on road trips to organize the kids homework by child and subject. I store the textbooks right in the box. 
  • I do the same with my blog "stuff" and conference information when attending conferences. 
  • I use one to organize school papers for the current year: such as course contracts, teacher contact information, the school board calendar, and current semester schedules.
  • I clip 4 boxes together for each of my kids. One box for each of their current school subjects, and have them file notes from completed units, quizzes, tests, etc. into the boxes. Their notes are organized and ready when it's time to study for exams.
  • These boxes are perfect for storing warranties, and/or instruction manuals.
  • I have used them to file forms, notes, ideas, templates, sample letters, and contact information during the planning stages of volunteer projects or events that I have organized. It's so easy to put the entire box into a tote bag and bring with me to a meeting, and at the end of the event I give the box to school council for future reference. 
  • They are perfect to tidy up and store magazines by title, year, or theme.
  • Use them to store the kids' art work using one for each child.

Recycling these into hanging file holders is fast, easy, free and a perfect way to sort, organize and store papers and documents. 

If you're crafty cover them to coordinate with your room, or in a theme for the kids.

Got a green idea? I'd love it if you shared yours in the comment section. 

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Yep, just me Cathy thinking out loud about being green.

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